Commercial HVAC

Commercial HVAC

Taking the hassle out of HVAC installation and raising the bar
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Commercial HVAC Installation

SunPro Cooling HVAC specialists are committed to making everything easier.

Florida’s sweltering heat makes it crucial for building to have optimal airflow and cooling systems. That’s why it’s essential to equip multi-unit living, retail, and hospitality buildings with reliable central air and cooling systems. However, the HVAC industry constantly fails to complete projects on time due to poor management with subpar products, materials, and unreliable teams. That’s why SunPro Insulation and Cooling is raising the bar and committed to making each experience smooth and enjoyable.

Taking the hassle out of HVAC installation with our Dependability Approach:

3 Principles to a Smooth Installation process

Staging, Design, Planning

Staging, Design, Planning

Our AC installation team works with customers during the designing stage so we can meet code requirements and owner specifications while staying within budget constraints.
Pro-Project <br>Management


Ensures we manage time wisely while keeping everyone informed on what's happening throughout the project.
Quality Products </br>and Installation

Quality Products
and Installation

Our team is trained to work with all major branded HVAC machines so our customers can be confident in the quality of their HVAC systems. We are a Mitsubishi diamond builder and certified Daikin dealer.

The 7 pitfalls of choosing the wrong commercial HVAC company.

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It’s time to set the bar higher

Commercial HVAC Installation

Finally, a dependable commercial HVAC company that can complete the project on time and within budget.

SunPro's commercial HVAC services can help alleviate the pain of working with AC cooling installation. We are a dependable company with a long history (over 15 years) of satisfied customers. Our AC installation process is smooth and efficient, and we always meet code requirements. We also work closely with owners to ensure that all their specifications are met. And finally, we understand that building budgets can have change orders and budgetary constraints, so we offer a wide range of pricing options.

If your HVAC contractor is unreliable and goofs, the comfort and safety of the people within the space and your reputation could be compromised.

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This is another popular form of insulation sprayed directly into walls and attics that uses flexible and expanded foam. It is a good solution for tight or hard-to-reach spaces. The final product reveals open cells in the material (hence the name).


Fi-Foil is a thin blanket made out of various layers of aluminum, thermo-foam, and polypropylene. It reflects and absorbs heat to cool the structure better. It must be installed correctly to achieve energy savings.


Made of spun molten mineral and rock materials like slug or ceramics. Mineral Wool is used in interior walls and ceilings to provide sound proofing.


This product is added to spray foam insulation to protect it from igniting when exposed to fire. With a Class One Fire rating, our spray foam has retardant and self-extinguishing properties that better protect homes and structures from a fire.


Made of fiberglass, this is commonly used and versatile; however, spray foam insulation is usually a better, more advanced option to achieve the superior benefits of quality insulation.


Sprayed directly into walls and attics, this very dense foam seals against air movement and provides exceptional thermal insulation and long-term value for the home or building owner. Made from recycled plastic and rapidly renewable soy oils, it is among the most innovative products in the industry. Besides providing excellent temperature and air quality control, it has proven efficacy in protecting structures from wind, water, and insects.